A cross-platform virtual tabletop for multiplayer card games

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Cockatrice is an open-source, multiplatform program for playing tabletop card games over a network. The program's server design prevents users from manipulating the game for unfair advantage.
The client also provides a single-player mode, which allows users to brew while offline.


Getting Started

  1. Download an installation file from the sidebar on the left

  2. Install 'Cockatrice' the same as any other application.
    (on macOS you need to drag 'Oracle' to your Applications folder too)

  3. Open 'Cockatrice' and run the 'Oracle' tool to create a card database when prompted on first launch

  4. Build a deck in the client, or import one

  5. Start playtesting offline or connect to a public server

  6. Enjoy playing your favorite card games!

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